Why CDN?

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At CDN, we do not subscribe to the phrase "because we have always done it that way".  We constantly ask why and what if?

Find and Procure

Profit margins are tight for car dealers. For a Dealership group, the annual spend on vehicle deliveries can be huge. Our cloud based software tools ensure the group procure at the best market rates every for every vehicle delivery. significantly reducing your annual spend. We know this as consumers. For example  As a consumer, we no longer call the insurance, utility or travel company and ask, 'can I have a quote please?' We understand the approach will not generate a true market price for our desired service. 

Just like consumer comparison websites, our vehicle delivery comparision service is free to use. Carriers are constantly looking for your work When they win your business they pay us a very low transaction fee of just £5. You get the best market price, every time and the fastest possible vehicle delivery service from the largest quality network of vehicle delivery companies in the UK.

Management and Control

Vehicle delivery is not just about procuring the service at the best market price. Dealerships strive to deliver high customer service levels to protect CSI scores and customer satisfaction. Our cloud-based software tools provide your users with total visibility and control over every vehicle delivery. Whether it is your own internal delivery driver or a third party transport company, everyone is connected together in real-time. Dealers have complete control and visibility of the vehicle delivery service from dealership to customer. Carriers get access to more work, making their logistics more effective and access to free cloud technology and driver mobile apps to manage their business and your vehicle deliveries in real-time. Everyone benefits.

About CDN

Founded in 2008, Car Delivery Network is the "original" Vehicle Delivery Platform and it remains as the market leader today. More cars are delivered on our platform than any other in the UK, and our industry leading software and applications are winning major awards across the globe.